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Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent

Website update with a fresh new responsive design that was appealing and easy to use for customers. Integrated a CRM system to achieve a simple streamline process for engaging, building client relations and ultimately a sale.


Established a SEO analysis and plan. Modified the site navigation to integrate strategically planned content to increase site traffic and engagement. Included additional interlocking content with in the website to:


  • Increase the average duration of each session

  • Reduce website bounce rate.

  • Increase ranking for particular keywords

  • Increase the number of page visits par user.

  • Promote interaction from Google to crawl the site, where it will better understand your niche and further improve your ranking

Website Design & SEO


Social Media - Facebook

The clients social media presence was suffering from inconsistency and engagement. It was in need of not only consistent content but brand identification and engaging Facebook presence campaogn and marketing plan.


The Facebook page was optimized including their profile picture, cover photo, about us section–highlighting the years of experience and customer service. I established a branded style guide, content calendar with consistent informational and engaging postings. Allocated a budget for advertising for increased growth to capture the attention of local buyers and homeowners in order to drive social engagement and build relationships and sales.


Additional services:

-CRM management with customer engagement.

-Established email campaign drips.

-Designed, printed and coordinated all postcard and print production materials.


One goal that we were made aware of was that HTI had an interest in increasing his Reviews. We created a form where folks could submit reviews right on his website and that has been very successful.

Marketing Material Development and Design

Marketing Material Development and Design


Marketing Material Design and Implemtation 

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