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Congregation Agudath Isreal

Congregation Agudath Isreal is a large synagogue with over 5,000 members in New Jersey. They wanted to redesign and develop a website that would serve the members of the congregation with the ability to view offerings, register for events, pay dues, as well as a place for new members to complete an online application or register for their very large early childhood center or summer camp. In addition, they produced a 40+ page publication monthly that served the community with articles, events, ads etc. which they needed produced. 


• Designed, developed and updated website, configured online forms utilizing logic; troubleshooting web-related issues, site updates/maintenance and search engine optimization.

• Created, designed and edited all email marketing, social media, print and digital advertisements, brochures, newsletters, and forty plus page monthly publication.

• Provided strategic planning and supervision of social media marketing to increase membership, Early Childhood/Religious School and congregational registration.

• Captured and analyzed all marketing campaign performance metrics to help implement creative content for e-mail marketing, social media, newsletters, and multiple blogs.

• Wrote and oversaw all communication policies and procedures to establish consistency in brand positioning and recognition.

• Integrated a cloud-based management software solution which increased website traffic by 85%, collected receivables 60 days faster, decreased accounting duties by 20 hours per month, and increased membership, school and event collections by 210%.

Website Design and Implementation

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Monthly Publication Development and Design

Voice 2.png
Voice media Guide.png
Ads Voice.png

Full Monthly Publications - Development, Design & Production

Click on the following images to view the full publication

The Voice February 2019
The Voice January 2019
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Annual Report Development and Design - Sample Pages

Annual Report.png
Annual Report5.png
Annual Report2.png
Annual report 3.png

Advertisements, Brochures and Marketing Material 

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ECC Brochure 2.png
Ecc Brochure 3.png
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