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Keller Williams Real Estate Agent

Danielle Bennett a real estate agent in NJ has a remarkable approach to helping people buy and sell homes. She is personable, has a knack for understanding client's needs and has lifelong relationships that has made her one of the region’s top real estate professionals. Danielle had no social media presence, her site was incomplete, and a biography that was written 10 years prior. She was aware of the need for a digital presence, and yet she was not comfortable or knowledgeable to take the next step.


Her website was designed and established to play an important role in helping her attract new clients, build trust, and obtain inquiries. The site provides a user-friendly experience across all devices. It is mobile-friendly with responsive modern design and lead generation elements to engage home buyers and sellers.


The client's interest was to continue to develop her clients and her future business with much more of a personal touch.


A Facebook page was created and optimized with a profile picture, about her section-highlighting her years of experience and customer service. We began to established a content calendar but her interest was to engage with potential customers in areas of recent home sales.


We developed a direct mail campaign to customers that lived in areas of recent sales. Pursued this further with digital print direct mailers and finally an offer for a free home analysis.


In addition, we further built her reputation with online reviews. This exhibited who she was as an agent and how she helps her clients.

Website Design & Brand Recognition


Social Media Marketing


Online Review Development


Direct Marketing Design & Implementation

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